Employees who travel on business are well aware of the risks, and that awareness can distract their attention from business. Business Travel Accident coverage offers security beyond the protections provided by group life, workers' compensation and Social Security benefits. Should an accident occur, Business Travel Accident coverage would provide benefits to help the employee's family take care of the many expenses at the time of the accident, and beyond. That added security gives business travelers, "peace of mind," so they can keep their minds on business.

In addition to protecting frequent air travelers, the coverage protects anyone who makes shorter business trips using other modes of transportation. That means all covered employees who leave the worksite to further the employer's business--from sales calls to trips to the post office--will be protected in the event of an accident.

The two most frequently used options are the following: 

  • ‚ÄčComprehensive Accident (Business & Pleasure)
  • Business Travel Only

Comprehensive Accident
Eligible employees are insured on or off the job, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. Coverage begins for each employee on the date requested by the employer provided we receive the name of each employee on or prior to the requested date of coverage.

Business Travel Only
Eligible employees are covered 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world, while on any business trip. Coverage automatically begins when the employee leaves work or home (whichever occurs last) for a business trip. Coverage continues throughout the trip until the employee returns home or to the office (whichever occurs first.)

Benefit Highlights:

  • Type of Coverage - Provides employer-paid Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage to employees traveling anywhere for business or business and personal reasons. Programs are available with 24-hour, worldwide coverage for Business and Pleasure, as well as for Business Only.
  • Eligible Employees - Enables clients to cover all employees or specific classes of employees (Executives, Managers or Sales Representatives), while providing a variety of benefits, limits and coverage for each class.
  • Waiting Periods - may apply as determined by the employer prior to receiving benefits usually following 30, 60 or 90 days from the date of hire.
  • Minimum Hours - employees may be required to work regularly a minimum of 20 to 40 per week as determined by the employer, subject to underwriting approval by the selected carrier
  • Benefit Maximum - may vary up to amounts of $2,500,000 based on the type of plan, number of covered employees and carrier.
  • Guarantee Issue - no medical underwriting and / or related requirements based benefit plans up to pre-determined limits with selected carriers based on the number of covered lives.
  • Benefit Reduction - the amount of coverage or limits maybe reduce at specified ages based on the number of lives with selected carriers. Seat Belt Benefit - Pays a benefit equal to the amount of the AD&D benefit, up to $10,000, to beneficiaries when an employee dies in an automobile accident while wearing a seat belt.
  • Air Bag Benefit - Provides further protection in the event of a covered automobile accident for which the Seat Belt Benefit is payable.
  • Plan Rate - Premium rate maybe guaranteed from 1 to 3 years.
  • Travel Assist - Provides a broad range of support to your clients' employees who travel 100 or more miles from home with a 24 hour multi-lingual assistance service anywhere in the world. This assistance service may be expanded to include other benefits for medical evacuation, and repatriation.
  • Plan Benefits - May include coverage while traveling on business resulting from injures due to Exposure and Disappearance, Felonious Assault, Bomb Scare, Bomb Search and Explosion, Hijacking / Air Piracy.
  • Other Additional Benefits - Extended coverage maybe included for a Spouse / Domestic Partner and Dependent, Sojourn or Personal Deviation, Accident Medical Expense, Relocation Coverage,
  • Commutation - Strike Coverage, Coma Benefit, Paralysis / Loss of Use, Permanent Total Disability, Common Carrier and War Risk in specified locations.
  • Off-sets - Pays benefits in addition to Workers' Compensation or any other insurance.
  • Contributions - 100% employer paid with benefits payable to the employee or beneficiary.